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Ленточный картридж Quantum LTO-5 MR-L5MQN-BC

Ленточный картридж Quantum LTO-5 MR-L5MQN-BC

Партномер: MR-L5MQN-BC
Описание: Ленточный картридж Quantum data cartridge, LTO Ultrium 5, pre-labeled. Must order in multiples of 20. (NAM/EMEA) For LTO-5 tape drives. Price is per pre-labeled, bar-coded cartridge and must be purchased in multiples of 20. The Customer Order Manager (COM) completes the order form with the help of sales and/or the customer for each bar-coded media order. Non-cancelable, non-returnable, non-refundable. UPC is the same as its non pre-label media counterpart, MR-L5MQN-01. (MR-L5MQN-BC)
Гарантия: 3 года
Спец. цена: 4 884 руб.74.00 USD66.50 EUR Условия *

Цена: 6 138 руб. 93.00 USD 83.58 EUR

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